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Mark Twain's Story

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."
Truer words were never said. Mark Twain wrote his own ticket to a fascinating literary life after leaving conventional school at the tender age of 12. His surprisingly unorthodox education ensued... drawing from life experiences, and living in libraries after hours.

Restricted by early illnesses, poverty and forced to work at a young age when his father died, Twain got his learning when and where he could – and made the absolute most of it. An adventurer, literary treasure and celebrated storyteller, Mark Twain was also a journalist, lecturer, entrepreneur, inventor and riverboat pilot!

We like to think Mr. Twain would have been fond of Athabasca University, enjoying the freedom of being one of our worldwide students with wide-open choices. We imagine he would extol the virtues of an unorthodox education, and quip how the absence of heavily-scheduled lectures and labs might bring on a rather serious bout of enlightenment.
Mark Twain found a way to learn on his own terms, in his own time, and made a name for himself. Literally. We’re ahead of our time, too — offering you a world-recognized education where school doesn’t get in the way.

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Mark Twain, Repartee Radical

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